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Newsletter Mai 2015: Gegen den Schmerz und die Angst

Studienergebnisse zur Wirksamkeit des Buzzy und Guidelines

  • Taddio, A. et al. Reducing pain during vaccine injections: clinical practice guideline. CMAJ, 2015
    Guideline CMAJ.150391.pdf
    Interview with Prof. Anna Taddio, University of Toronto about the guideline
  • Canbulat N, Ayhan F, Inal S. Effectiveness of External Cold and Vibration for Procedural Pain Relief During Peripheral Intravenous Cannulation in Pediatric Patients. Pain Management Nursing, 2014 Jun 6 S1524-9042.N=176
  • Whelan HM, Kunselman AR et al. The Impact of a Locally Applied Vibrating Device on Outpatient Venipuncture in Children. Clin Pediatr 2014 Jun 12. N=64 children, 7 phlebotomists
  • Russell R. Nicholson, L. Legge, E. Leauanae, A. Olsen, S. Marsh. R. Naidu. Reducing the pain of Bicillin injections in the Rheumatic Fever population of CMDHB. Counties Manukau District Health Board.  J Pediatr Child Health October 18 2013. Pain from 5.36 ->2.44, 54% reduction in injection pain. doi: 10.1111/jpc.12400. N=405
  • Inal S, Kelleci M. Buzzy relieves pediatric venipuncture pain during blood specimen collection. MCN Am J Matern Child Nurs 2012 Sep;37(5):339-45.Buzzy alone no distraction: 6.56 -> 2.78, 58% reduction in pain.Fear 52% reduction N=120
  • Baxter AL, Cohen LL, Von Baeyer C. An Integration of Vibration and Cold Relieves Venipuncture Pain in a Pediatric Emergency Department. Pediatr Emerg Care, 2011 Dec;27(12): 1151-6. Pain reduced by child, parent, and nurse reports median 4 to median 2 = 50%. N=87
  • Baxter AL, Leong T, Mathew B. External thermomechanical stimulation versus vapocoolant for adult venipuncture pain : Pilot data on a novel device. Clin J Pain, 2009 October ;25(8):705-1